12-Month Gastric Balloon in Turkey

12-Month Gastric Balloon in Turkey

The 12-month gastric balloon is an effective weight loss tool, inserted into the stomach via endoscopy and filled with saline solution mixed with a small amount of blue dye (Methylene Blue). The balloon can be filled up to 800 ml, customized to meet each patient's needs. The LexBal gastric balloon remains in the stomach for a full year, helping to reduce food intake and facilitate weight loss. After removal, patients retain healthy eating habits, preventing weight regain.

Features of the 12-Month Gastric Balloon in Turkey

- Long Duration: The LexBal gastric balloon stays in the stomach for a full year.

- Targeted Weight Loss: Patients lose the desired weight within the first six months and maintain it in the following months.

- High Capacity: The balloon can hold approximately 800 ml, making it suitable for all cases.

- High Quality: Made from high-quality raw silicone.

- Safety Valve: Features a state-of-the-art safety valve to prevent leakage.

Steps of the 12-Month Gastric Balloon in Turkey

1. Anesthesia: The patient is sedated.

2. General Endoscopy: A general endoscopy is performed to ensure there are no ulcers or other conditions.

3. Balloon Insertion: The doctor inserts the balloon into the stomach using a thin tube (catheter) and an endoscope.

4. Balloon Filling: The balloon is filled with saline and blue dye to the required size.

5. Duration: The procedure takes about half an hour, and the patient can usually go home one to two hours after the procedure.

6. Balloon Removal: After a year, the balloon is removed via endoscopy and light sedation. The procedure takes less than 30 minutes.

Additional Benefits of the 12-Month Gastric Balloon in Turkey

- Weight Maintenance: Helps maintain weight after balloon removal by fostering new dietary habits.

- Safety Valve: The advanced safety valve prevents leakage.

- Health Benefits: Reduces risks of serious weight-related health issues such as:

- Gastroesophageal reflux disease

- Heart disease or stroke

- Hypertension

- Obstructive sleep apnea

- Fatty liver disease

- Type 2 diabetes

Pre-Procedure Tips for the 12-Month Gastric Balloon in Turkey

- Comprehensive Tests: Undergo thorough examinations before the procedure.

- Diet and Activity: Follow specific dietary and physical activity guidelines as instructed by the doctor.

Post-Procedure Tips for the 12-Month Gastric Balloon in Turkey

- Avoid Certain Drinks: Stay away from carbonated, alcoholic, and sweetened beverages.

- Healthy Eating: Consume fruits, legumes, and vegetables regularly (around 6 servings per day).

- Fat Restriction: Limit both animal and vegetable fats.

- Light Foods: Prefer light foods and use sweeteners instead of refined sugar.

- Nutritional Supplements: Consult your doctor or dietitian about vitamin and mineral supplements like iron and calcium.

with medications prescribed by the doctor.

Cost of the 12-Month Gastric Balloon in Turkey

The cost may vary depending on the supervising doctor and hospital, but the average price is approximately £1,500.

Why Choose Medicsey for the 12-Month Gastric Balloon in Turkey?

- Free Consultation: Provides a detailed report on your condition and confirms the suitability of the LexBal balloon.

- Affordable Prices: Offers competitive prices for all patients.

- Comprehensive Care: Manages all aspects of the journey from start to finish, ensuring a seamless experience.

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